Core Team

Patricia A. Browne

President & CEO

Donald Rodrick, M.S.

Chief Financial Officer

Terrance King

Chief Operating Officer

Beth Jarrett

Sr. Program Vice President

Dr. Keesha Blythe

Executive Director, Early Learning and Early Intervention

Larry Hopson

Sr. Director of Human Resources

Durie O

Clinical Director, Early Learning & Early Intervention Center (ELC)

Tiffany Sanders

Director of Community Living Services (CLS)

Robyn Goldsmith

Director of Development

We pride ourselves on our staff of highly qualified professionals. Teachers, counselors, psychologists, physical and occupational therapists, employment specialists, social workers, speech pathologists, direct care professionals, recreation specialists, nutritionists, physicians and nurses work together as a team to provide holistic services to our special needs people. Psychiatrists, neurologists and other medical specialists are consulted as needed. Clients in all program areas are evaluated on a regular basis to assess needs and measure progress. All NCC programs are fully licensed and certified.